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Who We Are

We are bike enthusiasts & dedicated riders. We understand the risks of sharing a road with automobiles, and believe that bikes should be just as visible as any other vehicle on the road.

We are also inventors & entrepreneurs. We realize that the biking experience can be greatly improved in many different facets. By infusing bicycles with smart technology, we hope to revolutionize the way bikers interact with their bikes.

Our Mission

Helios Bars are made with visibility, strength, and sleekness in mind. We are the only handlebars on the market that tastefully combine all three in a way that complements your style and keeps you safe at the same time.

Meet The Team

Kenneth Gibbs
Kenneth has always been a hands-on problem solver. At age 16, he began restoring classic cars and flipping them on eBay for profit. His father Doug is an inventor and has worked on prototyping, manufacturing, and marketing of consumer products for over 25 years. Naturally, Kenneth has learned from him and discovered first-hand what it takes to build a hardware startup. Last year, Kenneth and Helios co-founder Seena Zandipour launched hardware startup SoundSlug (Kickstarter).

Antonio Belmontes
Tony has always been fascinated with design and how things work. He met Kenneth in the 6th grade and they have been great friends and business partners ever since. Tony interned for Kenneth's father and was able to work on several multi-million dollar projects. He learned the immense work it takes from inception to market and everything in between. Tony has been an active part of Classlerts marketing at UC Merced which is now has over 15% of the campus population signed up.

Seena Zandipour
Seena has been creating websites and applications since he was 12 years old. He saw the paradigm shift that the internet was creating and wanted to be a part of it so he picked up a PHP book and learned web development. Seena and Helios co-founder Antonio Belmontes recently launched an award-winning web service for students called Classlerts.