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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will Helios Bars fit on my bike?
Helios Bars fit on any bike with threadless forks (1 1/8" stem size). For bikes that have threaded forks, you'll need a quill stem adaptor.

Will Helios Bars fit my brakes / shifters?
It depends on the style of bar you purchase. Please consult the list below to see which size brakes/shifters work on which bar styles:

Drop Bar: 31.8 mm (Clamp open brakes), 23.7 mm (Hooded brakes)
Bullhorn Bar: 31.8 mm (Clamp open brakes), 19 mm (Reverse pull brakes), 19 mm (Bar shifters)
Straight Bar: 22.2 mm (Standard brakes), 22.2 mm (Brake/Shifters)
If you're unsure what brakes/shifters you have, check out the brake illustrations under the "Brake Combos" section of our Products page.

Do I need a smartphone to use Helios Bars?
No you don't! All the basic functions (ambient lighting, turn signals, different headlight modes) can be controlled without a phone. Advanced features (turn-by-turn navigation & visual speedometer), however, require our smartphone app.

Are you releasing an Android app?
It's in the works. We expect it to be released in the next few months. We'll update this page as soon as we have an estimated date.

Do I need a smartphone to use the GPS tracking feature?
Nope. It's separate from the app. All you need is a phone capable of sending/receiving text messages (SMS).

Where does GPS tracking work, and what carriers do you support?
GPS tracking works in every country. We currently don't have a list of supported carriers but we expect it to work with most carriers. We will update this page with a list very soon.

How long does the battery last?
On the brightest headlight setting (500 lm) a full charge lasts 9 hours. When in low brightness mode, a full charge lasts approximately 20 hours.

How do I recharge Helios Bars?
All Helios Bars come with a USB cable + power adaptor for easy recharging.

Can I use bar tape/wrap with Helios Bars?
Our handlebars can be wrapped with any standard bar tape without affecting their usability.