Turn Signals
We don't like how many bike accidents happen every year, and we want to do something about it. There are 2 RGB LED lights in the bar ends that function as turn signals download your manual here . Simply press the tactile button on either side of the stem in order to flash that blinker for 5 seconds.
Visual Speedometer
The rear LEDs have a speedometer function that uses your phone's GPS ( register here to determine your speed and change the color of the back LEDs to reflect your speed. The color spectrum above shows the different colors & speed ranges that correlate.
Ambient Lighting
Helios Connect allows you to customize the color of your rear LEDs using our iOS app. You can choose from up to 9 different colors and give your bike an ambient glow that distinguishes you from all other riders on the road.
Track your bike from anywhere!

Simply Send A Text Message
All Helios Bars come equipped with a low-power GPS module that allows you to track your bike's location from anywhere in the world. Simply slide in a pay-as-you-go SIM card and you're ready to go. Send your bike a text message (SMS) when you want to retrieve its location, and you'll receive an SMS reply containing a Google Maps link to its current location.

Find any location, almost instantly.

Easy Turn-By-Turn Navigation
Find the fastest route to any destination by harnessing the power of the Google Maps API. Our unique navigation system guides you to a destination by pulsing left or right on your rear LEDs, indicating when a turn is approaching. The speed at which the LEDs pulse indicate how far you are from the turn (faster = closer).
Brightness: 500 lumens
Battery: Lithium Ion
Battery Life (250 lm): 20 hours
Battery Life (500 lm): 9 hours
Material: Reinforced Aluminium
Weight: 610 - 810 g
Width: 420 mm
Stem: 1 1/8"
Weather Proof


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MTransform any bike into a smart bike with Helios Bars.

Powerful Headlight

Powerful CREE LEDs provide you with a wide spread of illumination comparable to a car headlight. Our rechargeable batteries last 9 hours on the brightest setting.

Bluetooth® Smart

Connect Helios Bars to your smartphone via Bluetooth® Smart and unlock a variety of smart features including ambient lighting, turn-by-turn navigation, and more.

GPS Tracker

Track your bike (via SMS) from anywhere in the world. Receive the coordinates of your bike and a Google Maps link to its location within 30 seconds of tracking.

Rear LEDs

Rear facing LEDs function like turn signals on a car. Press the blinker button on either side of the stem in order to indicate to other vehicles that you're turning.


Wireless & Manual Control

Smartphone Connectivity
Our iOS app, Helios Connect, allows you to connect Helios Bars to your smartphone via Bluetooth® Smart. This unlocks a variety of smart features that enhance your overall biking experience.
Helios Connect on App Store Bluetooth 4.0 Low-Energy
Additionally, Helios Bars come equipped with manual controls for turning them on/off and changing the color of the rear LEDs, so you don't need a smartphone in order to use them.

Proximity Lighting
Helios Bars can determine how far you are from your bike and turn your headlight on or off accordingly. Walk up to your bike and your light turns on, walk away and your light automatically turns off.

Rear LEDs with 3 different modes.